Wearing A Wig For The First Time Need To Pay Attention To What Matters

First step: the wig from packaging, needs to be taken out, onto a ventilate place and having divergent tastes. Because wig production processes have more than 11, after technicians at the factory, production process, there will be some remnants of taste of the raw materials. The second step: you need to read to wear instructions, please don't drag while wearing a hard pull, carefully take good care of it! The third step: wear a wig for the first time, you need to adjust to fit your head size Cap position, not too loose, not too tight. If it is too loose, it will fall off or tilted down. If it is too tight, it will force your head and make you feel very comfortable. So feel the CAP size to a comfortable position, it is very important, affecting your appetite for wigs. Fourth step: wear a wig for the first time, may feel uncomfortable but after wearing for 2-3 day, you get used to it, and deeply in love with it!