Use Hair Tips

1, now the wigs are washable and can be used, can be dyed if necessary pruning can professional stylists cut hair; 2, lighter Combs. Wig wig before using first combed, wearing fake hair to comb it. 3, do not use hair clips. In order to prevent the wind from blowing the fake hair run, some people like to use hairpins wig. However, and not too hard. Otherwise, bad wigs of easy NET. So, best don't using Hairpin, can in wig Shang using decorative sex of sent with put sent fixed live; 4, and in finishing wearing process in the has few have off sent belongs to normal phenomenon; 5, and usually not wearing on put in original of packaging in, to wearing of when wash wash blow dry on forming 6, and wig is can tied up of, just cannot tied have too high or following himself of really hair on will run out Oh.