The Type Of Hair That Makes The Wig

1: Shun hair (that is, the hair is the hair root hair slightly hair slightly, big braids cut down, head and tail is not reversed, not chaos, this is the best production of wig raw materials.
Discrimination method is like no color of the natural color, the roots are black, the tail is slightly boring yellow, or split. After dyeing is also more flexible.
2: hair cut hair is cut hair, this is better than Shun hair, because many are soaked.
Discrimination method This kind of wig is all done after dyeing, so it is difficult to distinguish. Non-professionals are difficult to distinguish.
3: throwing the name suggests is to abandon the hair, is to collect the hair fell off the hair. This is the worst.
Discrimination method is to seize the hair tail facing the sun to see the hair, there is a blackhead.
The origin of hair
The Chinese name is the hair of the country.
Which China and India issued the most, because India made the most like the European hair, soft, so more export, hair is very soft and soft, washed after the natural natural volume of the wave-like. Chinese hair is used for the production of Jewish wigs and Japan and South Korea and domestic sales. Hair slightly thick.