Swiss Lace Hair Piece Improve Appearance, Temperament, Ease

Even the stars, not every beauty's face is perfect oh. Angela Han is known for its high cheekbones, and Lin Xin is the representative of the great round face; Wang Fei has a prominent square face;the forehead is also very external convex oh. Although this, but through the superb make-up technology and matching hairstyle,Swiss Lace Hair Piece the same can be a perfect face decorated with natural and beautiful. More jealous than a pretty face, is a small, dapper shape! In fact, you can also make their faces appear smaller lap, hairstyle to a large extent determine the effect of facial. Find your face small flaws, change the appropriate new hairstyle, suddenly become a small-faced beauty.

Her facial features are very large, the prominent cheekbones will weaken the gentle feeling,Swiss Lace Hair Piece make the face appear bigger. A neat tie will expose the flaws in the face.

The smooth line feeling from the beginning to the tip has the effect of reducing the zygomatic bulge and covering the face swelling.

Anterior hair, ear and neck parts, leaving vertical lines will give a clear and able impression,Swiss Lace Hair Piece the neck also appears more beautiful, but also to increase the effect of small face.

The natural brown series is more suitable than the heavy black hair.

How to choose a suitable hairstyle, not hair length, hair quality, color depth, but face, face is the most important element of hairstyle design. A person's face shape is not suitable for each hairstyle, so remember the hairstyle design, must be suitable for their face. Each face to a different defect,Swiss Lace Hair Piece so the hairstyle design and face matching to be appropriate, to use the smart hairstyle to modify the face, cover the lack of face shape, to achieve the perfect combination of hairstyle design and face. Enhance the appearance, temperament, easy to do the envy of the beauty.

Round face, also known as Doll face

Features: The face is more rounded, cheek more plump, forehead and face are round.

Disadvantages: Round face is easy to be fat, more childish, immature and naïve, people are difficult to trust.

Hairstyle design and face matching method: Round faces of the modified way is very simple, the shape of the two sides of the bun, not too short, at least more than the cheek,Swiss Lace Hair Piece as long as possible, bangs must not be short to the eyebrows above, otherwise it will appear very round, Liu and oblique bangs to fit round face. The hair is fluffy, the long fringe, can change the facial contour the circular feeling, achieves the small face and the thin face function.