Replacement Hair Loss Who Realize The Charm Of Life

Replacement is in weaving improved on the basis of a technique, a technique now widely used, according to the customer's hair loss areas, tailored to the size, design simulation of the scalp at the distribution site, fixed by concealed latch technology, easy installation and removal of a simple change of, also has the advantages of hair weaving. Wig is first to cover of way to change people hair styling of a method, its material selection of is chemical fiber silk and has toxicity nylon network end of, used industrialization line making and into, a General of workers can class produced 150 a around, cost low, price cheap, due to chemical fiber silk of hair has chemical material making no stretch and endurance, its gloss degrees too bright, in Visual Shang a eye on can see stiff of illusion, breathable sex also compared poor, feel itching hot, also easy makes scalp allergy Shanghai scalp and hair follicles.