Pre Bonded Hair Extension The Right Way Of Care

Shampoo, conditioner, baked ointment, hair spray, spray you have put so much for your hair, but why looks far enough health? STOP! Do not put all the problems and energies on the hair! In fact,Pre Bonded Hair Extension scalp is the key to determine the health of the hair is good or bad. If the lack of scalp care, then your hair care work only done half of it. According to research reports show that the importance of a scalp care is better than 6 times attaining yo!

To know, damaged hair will be due to a large number of protein loss, easy to lose luster. So use hair conditioner to supplement nutrition. In addition, if you feel that the hair may be damaged suspects, it is best to start bifurcation, before the break to protect them. After the hair is damaged,Pre Bonded Hair Extension it is impossible to restore 100%, but the correct way of care can make it closer to health. And the scalp as the hair grows the "soil", of course, to put it in the care of the first!

Most people shampoo are shampoo + conditioner, at most, plus a hair film, in fact, is not enough. Hair protection is just a temporary solution, hair maintenance is the root cause, the scalp also need to "finishing touch". Essential oils of massage products is also a good choice. Such as rosemary, laurel and other essential oils ingredients can be a good role in the scalp, hair loss and dandruff to improve the trouble. Through the infiltration of essential oils, the plant active ingredients into the scalp deep,Pre Bonded Hair Extension to help follicle exclusion of accumulated toxins, but must be diluted after use.

Then carry the scalp and hair of the general cleaning and care. If your scalp has been generated dandruff, hair loss and other issues, indicating that this is the most sensitive moment of your scalp. At this time to relieve the pressure of the scalp and external stimuli, replenish the scalp moisture and nutrition, strengthen the skin of the skin itself is particularly important.

Anti-sensitive skin, the skin can be strong hair root, restore scalp vitality; vitamin A group, B group, to prevent hair loss, stimulate the natural growth of hair The With the clean hair follicle can clean the environment of the milk, the scalp to remove impurities and toxins, and ultimately can not forget the essence of Oh! Because it is focused on centralized care, it is recommended that you use once or every two weeks.Pre Bonded Hair Extension Essence of liquid than the film rich in more nutrients, light texture can easily be scalp absorption, coupled with appropriate massage, the essence of liquid continued to penetrate deep into the scalp, increase scalp nutrition.

Frequent dyed, improper care, sleep well up late, will cause hair loss, hair loss, dry, dandruff and other hair problems, so you must master some of the hair care of common sense and methods, care scalp, nourish hair.

Eat healthy hair

Autumn not only dry skin, hair will appear dry and no luster, want a healthy hair, may wish to eat mango. Mango contains a lot of carotene, its vitamins can increase scalp oxygen consumption, Pre Bonded Hair Extension thereby promoting the scalp blood circulation, so that the hair is more beautiful and shiny.

Use wooden combs

A good hair care habits is the hair, but the choice of comb is great stress, plastic comb will make the hair static, making the hair more dry and frivolous, it is recommended that you use the comb or horn comb.

Not shampoo at night

Shampoo at night not only harm the health, and in turn will hurt the hair, the proposed sisters try to wash your hair in the morning. If the time is too late, at night early to finish shampoo work, and then go to other things busy.

Water temperature control at 30 °

In fact, the most critical to maintain the hair or usual habits, such as shampoo when the water temperature is too high or too low is not good, the temperature can be maintained at more than 30 degrees can be, because the temperature damage to the hair less.