Net Use And Maintenance Considerations

1 before use, and lighter wig should be combed, wearing fake hair to comb just slightly. Combing wigs generally use more sparse comb as well, method of combing wigs to be oblique side comb, not the straight comb, and action must be light. 2, do not use hair clips to prevent the wind from blowing the fake hair run, some people like to use hairpins wig. However, the clips won't be too hard, otherwise, bad wigs of easy NET. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, you can use decorative hair band wig on a wig to fix. 3, do not wash regular wear of rubbing them in their hands to twist hair, wash once half a month. Before washing, use a comb comb a wig, with diluted solution wash conditioner side Combs. 4, when Combs Combs should never use plastic Combs, be sure to use a steel comb.