Method For Maintaining Jewish Wig

Method / procedure

1、with a wig comb comb comb (with steel teeth comb), MM note, curly hair, in addition to Liu Haihe head straight place, there are other places where the volume is best to straighten out, can not use a comb.

2、put the wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Not too long, too long, the hair is easy to fall off; and we should do it by hand.

3、of the first global good wig wig on the special bracket, and then put a pot of water, then stir in water with washing liquid special wig, remember do not scrub Oh, only need to gently grasp the hair can by hand.

4、wash it after a change of water, with water to wash clean, and then use a special care lotion soaked after removal.

5、good wash wig, wig is placed in the special bracket, with a dry towel (2 - 3) will wig on the water drain.

6、After 6 dry towels, water and other natural dry hair on the shelf. To be placed in a cool place to dry naturally, not the sun.

7、stay dry wig to 90%, gently grasp the hair by hand, and then the special wig comb to comb wig Liu Haihe head.

8、if you don't need to wear a lot of hair spray, spray a little oil.

9、to be completely dry with a wig, wig will be washed into the good, good air permeability can be sealed in plastic bags.

10、keep a good wig, wig must be placed in a dry place to save.