Jewish Kosher Wig How To Wash How Maintenance Is Very Important

Like with the Jewish Kosher Wig  of fashion people more and more, first of all because the Jewish Kosher Wig  style changeable, bright hair color; the second is the Jewish Kosher Wig  texture more and more realistic, more humane. Many beautiful stars have a soft spot for the Jewish Kosher Wig , so how to make his head that Jewish Kosher Wig , permanent glossy, is the next to talk about the topic.

How do you wash the Jewish Kosher Wig ? Teach you to be a Jewish Kosher Wig ger

Teach you to choose the best quality Jewish Kosher Wig 

Faced with an array of Jewish Kosher Wig s on the market, the quality of uneven, and some Jewish Kosher Wig s on the head of a glance will be seen as "false" hair. When the crowd looked up and down the shape of your shape, the feeling is very embarrassing. Or learn to choose a top quality Jewish Kosher Wig  it!

Currently on the market Jewish Kosher Wig  type is divided into chemical fiber silk, real hair, chemical fiber and real hair mixed three.

1. Common is the chemical fiber class, cheap, the effect of "false", unless you are playing cosplay gamers, or T Taiwan catwalk models, real life wearing this texture of the Jewish Kosher Wig  is not suitable for shopping.

2. TV drama in the use of real hair, the price is more expensive.

3. Chemical fiber and real hair mixed class is the most suitable for use in life Jewish Kosher Wig , you can achieve the effect of real ones, the price of more than 200 yuan.

What are the types of Jewish Kosher Wig s?

Jewish Kosher Wig s can usually be divided into the whole set, local hair, straight hair bundle, hair hair bundle and hair and so on. Part of the hair can be based on the original hair on the basis of a finishing touch of the role of the hair can be modified locally to increase the overall saturation and fashion sense; and different length and volume of the hair bundle, according to different occasions to build Different style of the shape; the whole set of pieces can be the fastest to modify the face and quickly change the image style effect.

Master the Jewish Kosher Wig  to wear the way to change the shape

Jewish Kosher Wig  wearing method

Before wearing a Jewish Kosher Wig , it is necessary to "send" the hairline, which is very important for wearing a Jewish Kosher Wig , which affects the overall visual effect of the Jewish Kosher Wig .

1. With both hands will send the net distraction, top-down to all the hair wrapped up;

2. like the hair will be the same hair will be pulled to the hairline place;

3. with the palm of your hand to try to press down, so that there is no uneven shape of the uneven;

4. from the net to reveal the ears, in the hair of the place with a card fixed to prevent hair loss.