Jewish Kosher Wig At Any Time With The Moment You Can Want Their Own Hair

For many consumers, the first time to buy Jewish Kosher Wigs, do not know how to use the Jewish Kosher Wig, to pay attention to what. Now let Slytheri Jewish Kosher Wigs tell you, what do you need to pay attention to when you wear Jewish Kosher Wigs for the first time?

The first step: the need to first take out the Jewish Kosher Wig from the packaging, put ventilated first let the fake scattered flavor. Because the Jewish Kosher Wig of the production process as many as 11, in the factory through the technical staff of the production process, there will be some raw material taste left.

The second step: you need to read the instructions to wear, do not wear hard pull hard, be careful to care about it!

The third step: the first time wearing a Jewish Kosher Wig, you need to adjust the hat to fit the size of their head circumference position, not too loose, and not too tight. If too loose, will fall or crooked off. If it is too tight, it will oppress your head and make you feel very uncomfortable. So the size of the hat to adjust to feel comfortable place, really very important, will affect your preferences for the Jewish Kosher Wig.

The fourth step: the first time wearing a Jewish Kosher Wig, may feel uncomfortable, but after 2-3 days of wear, you will adapt to it and deeply in love with it!

Jewish Kosher Wigs and real hair can be washed with water, in the cleaning we can put the Jewish Kosher Wig as a real deal, but in the cleaning method steps or there is a big difference.

How to clean the specific, now Xiaobian give you one by one to:

1. Wipe the Jewish Kosher Wig with a special Jewish Kosher Wig comb before cleaning the Jewish Kosher Wig;

2. Soak the Jewish Kosher Wig in a basin filled with water for about 5-10 minutes;

3. Put the prepared shampoo into the water, after the shampoo and water mixed into the bubble, the Jewish Kosher Wig soak it for about 2-3 minutes;

4. the Jewish Kosher Wig with your fingers gently stroke Shun, smoothed with hair conditioner on the hair, hand gently touch the uniform, the way the small grasping hair;

5. Wip the Jewish Kosher Wig with clean water, gently wipe with a dry cloth, and then put the Jewish Kosher Wig at the vent naturally dry;

6. to be Jewish Kosher Wig dry to Jiucheng, the hand gently stroked a stroke hair, and then a special Jewish Kosher Wig with a Jewish Kosher Wig comb Jewish Kosher Wig.

This is the most basic cleaning steps, which need to be noted as follows:

1, can not wash in the washing machine, washing machine strong rotation will lead to serious loss of Jewish Kosher Wigs, or even spread;

2, can not be too hard to scrub and comb hair, will lead to hair off;

3, Jewish Kosher Wig soaked in the water should not be too long, too long hair is easy to fall off;

4, can only be placed in the ventilation at the natural dry, not in the sun at the sun.