Human Hair Piece Soft And Fluffy With Flexibility

Human Hair Piece, Human Hair Piece that grows in the head. Human Hair Piece is not an organ, so it does not contain nerves and blood vessels, but contains cells . Human Hair Piece in addition to people to increase beauty, the main used to protect the head. Soft soft fluffy Human Hair Piece with flexibility, can withstand a lighter collision, but also can help the head sweat evaporation. Most people's Human Hair Piece about 10 million or so, in all Human Hair Piece, the length of the longest Human Hair Piece, especially the woman to stay long Human Hair Piece. Some can grow to 90 ~ 100cm, or even 150cm, but generally not more than 200cm.

The color of the Human Hair Piece is generally determined by the genes, common black, golden yellow, brown and red and so on. When the human aging, the Human Hair Piece will usually become silver. Due to the different ethnic and regional, Human Hair Piece is black, golden, reddish brown, red brown, yellow, gray, and even green and red. But also by Human Hair Piece dye Human Hair Piece into a variety of colors. Scientific research has shown that the color of the Human Hair Piece is related to the difference in the metal elements contained in the Human Hair Piece. Black Human Hair Piece contains the same amount of copper, iron and melanin, when the nickel content increases, it will become gray. Golden Human Hair Piece containing titanium, reddish brown Human Hair Piece containing molybdenum, red and brown in addition to copper, iron, there are cobalt, green Human Hair Piece is containing too much copper. In some African countries, some children's Human Hair Piece is red, which is caused by a serious lack of protein.

The formation of various shapes of Human Hair Piece, mainly the composition of the Human Hair Piece composition of the internal factors. The curl of the Human Hair Piece is generally thought to be related to its keratinization process. Where curled Human Hair Piece, it is often in the Human Hair Piece follicle in the eccentric position. That is, the root sheath is thick on one side and thin on the other side. Close to the root of the root sheath of this side, Human Hair Piecey skin and cortical cells keratinization began early; and close to the thick root of this side of the keratosis began late, keratinization process hinder the growth rate of Human Hair Piece. Thus, the angle of the early half of the half shorter than the other half, resulting in the Human Hair Piece side of the side of the curly Human Hair Piece curled.

1. The main ingredient of Human Hair Piece is keratin, about 97%. The keratin is composed of amino acids.

2. Oriental Human Hair Piece characteristics are thick black and hard, because carbon, hydrogen particles larger, so the color is deep. Western Human Hair Piece is characterized by soft and soft, because less hydrocarbons, so the color lighter.

3. The keratin that forms the fur epidermis is arranged longitudinally by 20 amino acids.

4. Human Hair Piece structure: each Human Hair Piece by the epidermis scale layer, cortical layer, medulla layer composition. Epidermal scales for the Human Hair Piece of the outermost layer, usually composed of 2 to 4 layers of scales. The skin layer is usually translucent or colorless, so it can make the natural Human Hair Piece color; cortical layer of 80% of the Human Hair Piece, natural pigmentation in this, natural Human Hair Piece color is because it is presented; medulla in the head The center consists of many small bubbles.

Every day anxiety will lead to Human Hair Piece loss, the deeper the degree of depression, Human Hair Piece loss faster. For women, to maintain the appropriate amount of exercise, Human Hair Piece will be shiny black, full of vitality. Men often take a deep breath, walking, do gymnastics, etc., can eliminate the day of mental fatigue. Home pet body is easy to have a fungal infection, if you like to sleep with the pet sleep, it is likely to cause scalp infection, red, itching, scaling so that Human Hair Piece loss; In addition, there is a lipid gap occurred in the scalp Dermatitis, there will be similar symptoms with tinea capitis, but will not lose Human Hair Piece In fact, there may be male bald, want to know their Human Hair Piece is not out particularly much, there is a very simple "pull experiment": people can pull their Human Hair Piece six to eight times, and then see each pull down Human Hair Piece has more than three, if there is, it means Human Hair Piece follicles are more fragile, should pay more attention.