Human Hair Piece How Should We Take Care

In recent years, the black community - natural hair has emerged a new (old) hair trend. For decades, black women and some blacks have used irritating chemicals to smooth their hair. For some reason, however, it is estimated that many of the two-thirds of black women, including me,Human Hair Piece are choosing to deviate from chemicals.

Wearing natural hair is not easy or cheap. Many natural hair women face discrimination and emotional conflict. But the main problem with natural hair sports is that few people understand natural hair. Seriously, I spent a lot of time to every night do not give my braids to explain to people!

So if you ever thought about the natural hair, there are some things you might not know.

Naturally black hair care world has its own language. Rarely in the mainstream in depth or really understand. But to really understand the black hair care - natural or other - it is important to speed up some of the major terms and tools with the industry.

Loans are often called perm, but do not confuse them with hair straight hair perm types - this is the opposite. A relaxing agent is a lotion that is suitable for very curly curls and makes it straight. Although these products are not so harsh than before, but they will still cause some damage to the scalp and hair.

You often hear another topic (especially in this article) is natural. Nature is a slightly more specific idea. In general, natural means that you do not use any chemicals to change the texture of the hair or natural curls. So it means that there is no relaxant straightening hair,Human Hair Piece no permanent curl naturally straight hair, no texture loose loose curls. However, there are some beliefs that dyed with your hair is not natural.

If you decide to be natural, you have to decide how to make the transition. The chemicals in the relaxants, permanent and thickeners are very strong and can not be reversed. This is because the hair is immediately weakened by chemical substances. So once you apply it to your existing hair, the hair will always be straightened or curled. But it will not change the new growth.

In the process of moving from relaxed hair to nature, many women choose the so-called "big chopsticks", which means that you cut all or most of the hair. So that you will not mix the natural hair and wear, the easy ending. This concept may be a challenge for so many people - I include it.

Hair not only represents the beauty of a woman, but also throughout the history has been used to show women's health and social status. Today, long hair and youth related.

So, cut off your hair, even knowing that it may be healthy and stronger, can cause grief. This is not an easy decision.

The chunk is not a mandatory success. Personally,Human Hair Piece the idea of cutting off the hair caused a lot of anxiety, I pushed the natural for three years. When I finally got into trouble, I was like a plague to avoid the big cut.

On the contrary, I chose a protective hair for a year to keep hair, cut off the hair every month until I was ready to show the natural hair. Protect the style is their voice - hairstyle, protect the hair from frosting behavior, we usually pass our hair. The protective style ranges from wearing wigs and full towels rolled up with natural hair, wearing boxes of braids or twisting.

The reason women should consider protective hairstyles in the transitional period is because it reduces entanglement, shedding and cracking. It also limits the possibility of engaging in bad habits, such as repeated combing, over-styling hair, heat-damaged hair or excessive shampoo. However,Human Hair Piece the protection mode can not be maintained. It is recommended to let the hair breathe, do not let too much lint and dirt accumulation, do not neglect to moisturize the hair and scalp.

In the natural hair world, texture is very important. Oprah's hair stylist Andre Walker creates a system for sorting different hair styles. In his system, there are four main hairstyles, each with subcategories. The four main categories are straight, wavy, curly and metamorphosed. These four kinds of texture not only in the appearance of a great difference, but also how to take care. Knowing the texture of the hair is important because it determines the frequency of cleaning the hair, what products to use, and what products are most commonly used.

Black women have natural hair, running a comprehensive Andre Walker texture system. In the natural hair, the key is often felt your hair knows that your texture is real and takes care of it accordingly.

Compared with the general hair care products,Human Hair Piece natural hair care products are quite expensive to keep hair easily. When I relax my hair, I have a bimonthly hair care budget every eight weeks, once every eight weeks, one relaxing in the salon, the rest going to the shampoo (lasted for me for six months) and head Belt (I am obsessed with headband). Now I have braids, and I've lost how much money I spend every month on hair care - I travel to salons every year and spend between $ 100 and $ 200, depending on what I do.