Human Hair Piece Eat More Protein To Make It Rich

Some people say that white hair is a symbol of life experience. If this is said, if the young appeared on a white hair, whether it is personal or psychological state,Human Hair Piece there will be adverse effects. So, who wants to have a black hair.

Why the head will occasionally emerge a few white hair? How can we let the hair return to black and beautiful? Uneven nutrition intake

Modern people because of busy, often in a hurry to solve a meal, nutrient intake is seriously uneven. Melanocytes in the absence of nutrition, can not produce melanin supply hair.

Eat high protein content of fish, and rich in metabolism to promote the vitamin E food. In addition, seaweed also has a good effect on activated melanocytes.

Lack of exercise led to poor blood circulation,Human Hair Piece making the blood can not be transported to every corner of the scalp, melanoma cells can not function properly.

May wish to take a walk in front of the company a station! More than 15 minutes a day, rest time activities such as bones, a small habit can easily have a black hair!

Cumulative pressure when the pressure, the muscles will be tight,Human Hair Piece stiff, blood vessels will shrink and make blood transport slowly.

Sleep before eating a warm bath to relax, or to see a fun movie, regularly divergent unpleasant mood, do not let the pressure to their own breathless.

Lack of blood Chinese medicine, hair white reason is one of the main reasons is lack of blood. Hair is an important manifestation of the blood situation in the body, hair black,Human Hair Piece thick, supple, bright on behalf of qi and blood; and white hair, hair loss, hair dryness and so are the performance of women lack of blood.

Usually eat red dates, longan, angelica and other foods to help blood.

Not long hair exposure in the ultraviolet light,Human Hair Piece melanoma cells vulnerable to damage, not only hair becomes frivolous, hair color will fade.

Usually have to do the hair of the sun work, you can wear a hat or support umbrella, at any time to do protective work, to avoid the destruction of ultraviolet light.

Kidney deficiency Chinese medicine that the hair of the blood, but also published in the kidney, so that the kidney in the hair, pay attention to the kidney does not pay, or congenital lack of endowment, or thinking about excessive consumption of fine blood, or fear of injury kidney essence, hair will Turn white.

To black hair flutter must pay attention to maintenance of the kidney.

Mood changes are easy to make the body nervous dysfunction,Human Hair Piece so the function of melanin secretion will also be obstacles, the impact of pigment particles synthesis and delivery, will grow a lot of white hair.

Due to extreme tension, sadness and other negative emotions, often lead to a series of rapid changes in the body, resulting in serious endocrine disorders, people in a short time there is white hair.

Give yourself a fake, go to the outskirts to go, or listen to songs, chat with friends, the full release of pressure.