Human Hair Piece Chic Elegant, Beautiful To Enjoy

Human Hair Piece is an appendage of the skin, Human Hair Piece is an important part of the body, born from the baby with beautiful Human Hair Piece. A bright black Human Hair Piece, clean and generous, length and length, presented in front of everyone, giving a chic elegant, beautiful to enjoy. And the health indicators of the body, the Human Hair Piece also has a lot of data, know these data, will help you better Human Hair Piece care Human Hair Piece care. Here we and together to understand what What we are going to share with you today is how to keep your Human Hair Piece in life. Human Hair Piece good and bad is the external manifestations of the function of the human body. Chinese medicine has kidney bone bone marrow, its Human Hair Piece in the Human Hair Piece, made for the blood of the said. And appropriate to do head massage can strengthen the scalp blood circulation, improve Human Hair Piece follicle nutrition, promote Human Hair Piece regeneration, to prevent the Human Hair Piece off again.

We can observe the color of the Human Hair Piece can see how a person's kidney qi. Kidney qi, often think of people, their Human Hair Piece will be affected. Kidney essence gas weak, Human Hair Piece can not be raised will become white. Such as the Human Hair Piece of the two men come white is Shaoyin injured, such as the long white Human Hair Piece is the sun by the bladder after the injury.

Head for the  first, the body all the yang are up to the head, every day to dry Human Hair Piece, to the scalp micro-heat, you can clear the body of the Yang Jing, to mobilize the body's yang. Daily morning and evening Human Hair Piece can only raise Human Hair Piece, but also make the mind clear, the body easy to improve sleep.

To achieve fitness purposes, must be a little hard comb, and the use of the comb is best wide teeth, not sharp, round and blunt, it will not break the scalp comb.

White Human Hair Piece black treatment reference: Polygonum multiflorum, black sesame seeds of the thirty-two, together fried dry grinding, with honey water transfer service, each time 3 money, once a day, and even served half months,

Not recommended Human Hair Piece, there are reports that many Human Hair Piece dye contains carcinogenic substances. And dark color Human Hair Piece dye is more likely to cause women to suffer from cancer. Human Hair Piece is not good, you can use boiled boiled water Shouwu, have a good Human Hair Piece effect.

Human Hair Piece loss of serious people, rubbing every day in the second finger of the ring finger at the point of the liver a few minutes, you can effectively ease.

Fairy porridge Recommended:

Cactus porridge is a healthy recipe, with Polygonum as the main material, with tonic fine blood, longevity effect.

Will be made of Polygonum multiflorum fried juice, to the residue, with the jelly rice, red dates with casserole porridge, porridge will be cooked into the brown sugar, boil a second boiling can be eaten.

Efficacy: tonic essence and blood, longevity longevity.

Usage: 1 day of consumption. 7-10 days for a course of treatment, after 5 days and then eat. (Every day when the porridge recommended with black sesame salt, taste and effect will be improved.)

Application: apply to the blood deficiency to be made early white, pale complex people.

Knock the gallbladder treatment of white Human Hair Piece:

Knock to gallbladder can improve the body's ability to absorb, white Human Hair Piece, will gradually turn black. Some white Human Hair Piece will fall off and then grow black Human Hair Piece, and some directly turn yellow, then turn black. Oily Human Hair Piece people, it takes a long time to remove these oils.

Every day in the thighs on the outside of the four points of the point of the beat, each beat four calculations, knock every day about 50 thighs, that is, about two hundred under. As the thigh muscles and fat are very thick, so to a little hard, and about two times per second under the beat, in order to effectively stimulate the acupuncture points.

Gallbladder is a heart from the head to the meridian, most of which meridian and other meridians are adjacent to the outside only in the thigh, only a gall bladder, and this gall bladder beat the most smoothly, suggested that friends every day knock Gall bladder.

Finally recommended daily meditation or station pile of friends, in the power of the hand when the handle heat, and then hot bath, the hands of the palm of the hand rub, and quickly put the palm of your hand at the Shenshu points, feeling warm Penetrate deep into the body. The recovery of the kidney is also a great benefit.