How To Solve The Problem Of Wig Knotting

Wigging is a very troublesome thing, we may spend a long time on this, but often also can not play a very effective role. The length of the wig is generally more than 60cm when the knot may be knotted, different types of wigs knotting situation is different, the following Qingdao Xin Import and Export Co., Ltd. will introduce you to solve the knot problem common method.

First, the first wash, with a wig care solution or along the hair will be wiping spray, with steel comb or TT comb comb wig, comb time from the head down comb, you can first comb the surface, if the knot Place, you can then spray a little care solution, and then comb, repeated several times until the wig combs.

Second, the wig surface comb, you can comb the whole wig, the same way with the combing the surface, but need to pay attention to is not in the comb when the effort is too large to prevent damage to the wig.

Third, wait until after the whole carding, in the whole spray again nursing fluid just fine.

The above is the Qingdao Xin Import and Export Co., Ltd. for your finishing wig knot problem, if there are other problems, please contact us in time.