How To Prevent Hair Loss

Diet hair loss risk groups should stay away from greasy, sweet, spicy food, perennial insisted on eating more grains, vegetables and fruits. Such as vegetable intake reduce, cause constipation and "dirty blood", affecting the quality of hair, hemorrhoids will also speed up the top of the hair loss. Hair loss are advised to eat more foods rich in protein and calcium, iron, sulfur and other trace elements in food, such as black bean, black sesame seeds, and eggs, limit fat, sugar and spicy food. Reduction of hair dye hair dye, perms and hair dryer on the hair can cause some damage. Blow-dryer heat up to a temperature of 100 degrees, destroys the hair tissue, damage the scalp, therefore, to avoid hair dryers. Hair dye and perm number should not be excessive, effect of hair dyes and perm hair is greater than that number will give hair shine and elasticity, even yellow and dry. Thus, hair dye, perms interval at least 3-6 months. MO long Hat