Hair Extension Personalized Creation

One; straight line pruning technology essence

1; no level without texture without moving,Hair Extension determined by the outside square shape. 2; combined with the length, proportion, shape, with technical words more forms. 3; used in the scheduled outside, bangs design, personalized creation.

Forward edge technology essence

1; the slope of the oblique incision can be the strength of the gap in the level.

2; hair piece comb out the curvature, hair cut the inside of the film, the use of skills to create inner package form.

3; the use of modified contours, can be on both sides of the hair placement.

4; used in the link Liu Hai and the outline,Hair Extension control the creation of perm shape.

Three; natural v line technology essence 1; the center of a bunch of hair decided to modify the position of the face.

2; golden point of a bunch of hair determines the level of the level.

3; two points have been connected to determine the texture direction.

Four; square level technical essence

1; square shape is to remove the level, the flow down, outside the missing angle, the overall horizontal widening.

2; observation is to observe the hair of the upper and lower, left and right, outside, three-dimensional form.

3; for the combination can produce local broadening of the form.

Five; round level of technical essence

1; overall full of fluffy.

2; used in combination, the local can produce a strong fluffy.

3; used in the design, you can control how much weight removed.

Six vertical technology essence

1; pull to two different directions, will produce angular accumulation to form the weight. Used in the position of the u word line can be modified head tip; the use of hair local can be partially widened in the local.

2; in different space and different regions to create a different form,Hair Extension resulting in more hair morphological changes.

3; a single learning for the combination of the use of a combination of learning for the design of the use.

Seven; classic box technology essence

1; the weight is widened at the bottom level.

2; homogeneous by the length of the control weight,Hair Extension the longer the longer the weight of the more emphasis on the widening, the shorter the length of the lighter the stronger the stronger the weight.

3; technology is classic eternal, hairstyle in front of Wanhua only master the technology and the concept of the design in order to create more beautiful hairstyle.

Eight; classic edge of the essence of equipment

1; Radiation sub-line around the scalp lap can be worn in the horizontal space of the dangerous circle.

2; fixed back to the distribution of hair in front of the hair. Increasing the angle Increases the weight to gradually turn the circle into a triangle.

3; longitudinal hair piece by the mouth to control the weight, horizontal hair piece angle control weight.

Nine; classic edge level technical essence

1; in the cut to create a continuation of the outside line,Hair Extension the high point to let go of the low point short. The

2; specific control horizontal angle, each angle than the bottom of a hair a little higher, gradually increase the level of hair can control the weight of the uniform creation.

3; classic round outside and weight reflected. Into a commercial can be more widely used.