Hair Extension Is Very Important To Everyone

1, first use the electric roll stick hair clip.

2, will be close to the scalp hair scraping.

3, as shown in the ear along the ears of the hair is divided into before and after the two areas, the area after the hair tied into a tail in the tail.

4, the rest of the hair is divided into about 2 areas, with the left side of the hair winding just the tail, with a hairpin fixed.

5, the right area of the hair in accordance with the method just also wrapped around the tail

6, fixed with a hairpin.

7, use the hair fluffy powder in the position where you want the hair to become fluffy.

8, plus fluffy powder hair will become very rich and nice.

9, last but not least, you can re-power part of the hair reel, and then random scraping, the effect of doubling!

10, and finally sprayed on the stereotypes spray.

Hair Extension You can not say that the fluttering shawl long hair is very fresh summer feeling, this summer than the eyes of the short hair, shawl long hair is still very popular!

You must not think of the summer to stay long hair will be so small and fresh look good, long hair natural oblique charming and seductive, wear pink casual hat, not only extra points more girl atmosphere.

This summer in addition to short hair, long hair like the girls sought after! Shawl hair appears to be gentle and fresh sweet, wearing a white T + lattice skirt, minutes you turn the campus goddess.

Shawl hair can be said that Sen female favorite, summer to still stay, and quite beautiful, with the air Liuhai sweet and sharp face, wearing a long dress is immortal Oh ~

You are afraid of the summer stay hot? Temperament goddess can stay long hair style, free hair will be a Phi, temperament and the goddess immediately presented, plus no blooming design can also add a little sense of freshness, but also can reveal a fine Little face.

This is a waist and long hair, summer dressed as beautiful! With shorts with short summer cool feeling, and very eye-catching, wearing a hat is extra points.

Hair Extension Shawl hair is really very charming, especially this also with a little micro-roll design of the long hair, loose in the back really very smart and very charming, and strapless with the match, full of small sexy atmosphere, sultry ~

Shawl long hair + white T is definitely one of the most fresh summer landscape, fluttering long hair super attractive, scattered in the shoulder can definitely lift your eye index.

Want to the goddess of the girl, pay attention! Recommended this a long black hair straight is quite good, with a long black hair with sweet air bangs, immediately fresh and pure to not, the focus is the goddess charm.

This is a Korean long hair perm, micro-roll perm and shawl hair is really very with, looks lazy and beautiful, in the mix of brown and brown color after the combination of more sweet absorption.

Now the sister is like Korean style long hair, like this a long straight hair, with the air Liuhai sweet doubled, and then dye the dark brown hair color is not more fashion sucking.

Hair Extension Micro-volume design of a Korean long hair must be a sister favorite, lazy and warm, the tail of the hot into the small buckle both fashionable and can be made for the long fashion sense, a simple shoulder will be able to show beauty character.

Hair Extension This is the long hair is the campus goddess favorite, temperament points for the sister can bring the gas field, with the classic brown long hair capable of doubly the goddess Fan children, people fascinated by her very much.

This kind of Korean long curly hair is also the secret, micro-hot perm look sweet and fashionable, coupled with partial design can add some Royal sister temperament.

The hair is really simple, anyway, more fresh temperament, people are deeply attracted by the simple temperament of the shape.

Hair Extension Believe that this is a female hair hair type must be affected by boys, straight and soft very ~ to use the design can make facial features more three-dimensional, but also doubled face slender. The focus is to dye a fresh hair color, is simply white and beautiful do not want, really was drunk.