Full Lace Wig Natural Comfort

Full Lace Wig can be divided into all Full Lace Wig, front Full Lace Wig, one-fourth lace, mono wigs, all woven wigs. The lace has Swiss lace and French lace. A wig made of lace is natural and comfortable, and it is hard to tell if it is true. Because the lace hair is woven by the workers ' handmade hooks, the price is also high. Mono is also handmade crochet, the whole mechanism of the price is relatively cheap.

According to hair quality is divided into whole person hair wig, chemical fiber wig. People are divided into Indian hair and China and Europe. India hair and Europe hair similar, soft texture, china hair quality thick, slightly higher prices. Chemical fiber is more practical is Kanikalen and high-temperature wire. Cathy can not be hot dyed, the use of short cycle. High temperature wire can withstand 180 degrees of high temperature, can be hot or straighten. The price is higher.

A lace wig or a front lace wig is a special wig made from a transparent lace base. The front lace wig is made of handmade hair on a transparent lace base. The bottom of the whole lace wig is full of lace, and the front lace wig is only transparent in the place where the hair line is obvious. The rest of the material is not easily damaged, this material and lace, no lace to bear the ability to tear. The lace wig is the most expensive wig. The hood should be glued to the human scalp, and the time is moderately durable. For example, the wearer can bathe, swim, and wear wigs to participate in strenuous sports.

All Full Lace Wig are generally used in India real hair or China shun hair to do wig raw materials, net cap is generally 64# net is pure Swiss import net cap, this kind of net material characteristic is the net mouth is more meticulous, and comparatively strong and durable, disadvantage is high hardness. There are 4 colors in general: transparent (transparent), light brown (light brown), Medium brown (Medium brown) and dark brown (Dark Brown) to suit the color of different customers.