Full Lace Wig Bring More Convenience And Better

In life, many people will wear Full Lace Wig, whether it is to conceal embarrassment or transform shape, Full Lace Wig seem to bring more convenience and better. But how to wear and even how to choose the right wig, I believe a lot of friends are not particularly clear concept, today Hair elder sister to help you comb about the little things about Full Lace Wig.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a wig? Hair? Color? or texture? In fact, the material of the wig is the most critical, especially for the long-term wear of friends, good materials to determine everything.

At present the market's hair material divides into three kinds, the price from low to high respectively is the chemical fiber silk type, the chemical fiber silk/true hair mixes the class, the real person hair.

Early chemical fiber silk wig is very "false", can be seen at a glance. With the progress of technology and the introduction of foreign technology, now the chemical fiber silk has evolved to Canicalens, high-temperature wire, Matt Silk, and so on, a good point can reach the level of the genuine. But such Full Lace Wig usually apply to cosplay enthusiasts or occasional friends with fun.

Chemical fiber silk and real hair mixed wig, this kind of wig price moderate, the effect is also more realistic, you can choose to buy ordinary wear.

Real hair is used in the half hand weaving process, with the characteristics of can be dyed can be repeated styling, general requirements for Full Lace Wig very high customer choice is more appropriate, and really difficult to knot, the use of a long time, of course, the price will be higher.

The choice of hair nets mainly pay attention to the comfort and permeability of the net material, buy the best try to wear a little uncomfortable feeling, at the same time pull the elastic band feel, not loose not tight for good. The scalp side carefully observes whether the simulation is good.

Stitching sewing is very important, two kinds of mesh caps when stitching, preferably the edge of the net with two rows of sewing, or PU sewing. This prevents the mesh cap from festering.

Full Lace Wig are mainly divided into two major strides: wearing hair nets and wearing wig sets.

We all know that, but I noticed that a lot of friends will be wearing a long time, or wear a good after it is not neat, looks big, and a glance can be seen is a wig.

So, posture is important!

Short hair wear a net without difficulty, directly wear just good. The coefficient of long hair is rubbing up, and the tutorials on the web are mostly recommended to tie up or cut hair, and then wear a hair net. But at this time the problem came out, because it is the hair or braided, there will always be a rubber band or a good braid of a hard place, the head is very easy to have bags, it is not smooth. And the hairpins net is to hide the real hair, the shape of the head to the most rounded and perfect state.

Directly to the hair into the net, and then use the hands carefully knead evenly, there will be no bulge of the head will be very round, will not affect the wearing effect of Full Lace Wig.

Lafa NET to use Chao Jin, the hair net toward the bottom of the end to press the hairline line, do not exceed. Pull over the net easy to loose, pull not enough hair nets and easily leak out.

Long hair or a large volume of friends, after wearing a good position card can be in a few small clips, to be fixed.

As long as the hair net is good, the wig is very easy. Basic online methods can be introduced, but without experience may wear crooked, or always feel strange, wearing out feel uncomfortable or not beautiful enough.