Front Lace Wig It Makes People Feel Thin And Airy After Wearing

The size of the Front Lace Front Lace Wig is suitable for the size of the head, the internal shape conforms to the ergonomics, the material is the natural material, the human body is not unwell after being certified, and the wearer feels light and airy after wearing.

Hair in the direction of natural growth in the direction of the same, hair volume and human natural hair volume consistent.

The wearing of a Front Lace Front Lace Wig is similar to that of a person's underwear.

How to carry a Front Lace Front Lace Wig is a lot of friends very concerned about the problem, Front Lace Front Lace Wigs can let us change shape, is often used in daily life of hairdressing products, then, the Front Lace Front Lace Wig in the end how to bring better

First, we have to get a Front Lace Front Lace Wig hair net ready. This is the first step we wear Front Lace Front Lace Wigs, will be hair nets to the neck, set the time to be careful, do not pull to the hair, because the net is flexible, after the set, will send the net from the face to head lift up.

Lift the net from the neck to the head, let the net extend fully, as far as possible to the side of the sideburns and fringe of these hair to accept.

Hair NET is pulled to the brain, at this time, if you are long hair, the hair tail plug into the net, general network continuous use of one stage after the need to replace, because the lack of elasticity, the net hair.

Carefully put the rest of the hair in the net income, look at the mirror carefully, whether there is hair dew outside, make sure that after the adjustment of the layout of the hair, not a special towering, this is not good.

Check to see if all the hair into the net, and then remember to use the hair net clip to fix the net, so that hair net will be worn, and then we start wearing Front Lace Front Lace Wigs.

Wear the Front Lace Front Lace Wig on the head, appropriate adjustment under the high and low, and their own trim to the appropriate length can be, if they do not care, go to the barber shop to trim the Front Lace Front Lace Wig will be more realistic.