Custom Jewish Wig Choose A Better Breathable Hand-woven Process

Custom Jewish Wig require more hair styles, generally more suitable for white hair, or often dyed hair, often changing the hairstyle of customers.

Fashion Wig Many customers pursuit of new hairstyle, changeful, more styles, suitable for different occasions, so hairstyle is the first choice.

Wear a stylish wig, to fix their own hair, so the cap is usually more than the head around the 1-2cm to be more suitable.

Custom Jewish Wig are suitable for a lot of different occasions, so the wig wear time is not too long, the requirements of the process of every medical wig high, so, the cost of the process is often cheaper than the medical wig, but if it is long-term wear, it is recommended to choose more breathable hand-woven technology.

1. Basically the wig is for the convenience of the goods produced, so its care only need to do a few: try not to close to the high temperature, because the material relationship wig is not resistant to high temperature.

2. Custom Jewish Wig can not be dyed, if need pruning can be asked professional stylist trim hair.

3. The wig is generally 1-2 months or so wash 1 times according to MM wear frequency

4. Custom Jewish Wig are best to be washed with cold or warm water, when you wash it with the usual shampoo on the OK can be compatible with the general hair conditioner.

5. Clean the wig as far as possible do not use a hair dryer, such as high temperature wind blowing dry, the use of dry towels gently dry wig on the excess moisture and then put to the ventilation to avoid sun direct drying of the wig damage.

6. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing should wait until after the wig dry.

7. Try to use a special fashion wig comb, can not use plastic comb comb Oh!

8. Curly hair Basically does not use the comb, the place of the volume each time with the good hand reorganizes after it can.

9. If the non-mainstream wig with a long knot is not good comb when you do not pull hard, should be sprayed with a wig-specific non-oil maintenance liquid (distant shop on sale) and then slowly carefully geographical open.

10. Note that do not spray philosophy water on the wig, wax, such as the use of real hair stereotypes will make the Custom Jewish Wig become greasy.

11. The use of special-purpose non-oily maintenance liquid Custom Jewish Wig can make the wig supple and bright and can prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moist state just like the time you bought back!