Custom Jewish Wig Change Hair Was Young

Custom Jewish Wig has gradually become synonymous with fashion, more hair and no hair of the people began to use the Custom Jewish Wig to dress themselves, then we first learn the Custom Jewish Wig of care and wear effects

Clean the Custom Jewish Wig

Custom Jewish Wig is generally about 1-2 months to wash once,

30 degrees -40 degrees warm water, 100% real hair, general shampoo with the general conditioner can be,

Clean the hair with a towel gently suck the hair and then put into the ventilation to avoid the sun caused by direct damage to the hair,

Do not immediately comb the Custom Jewish Wig and other Custom Jewish Wigs do after combing

Combing Custom Jewish Wigs best combed with professional combs

Combing action to light, in the process of wearing a small amount of hair is a normal phenomenon, long hair with a long time easy to knot do not pull hard,

6, Custom Jewish Wig hair can be tied up, but can not tie too high, low horsetail is to achieve the effect of real ones

7. Custom Jewish Wig is no source of nutrition, do remember the appropriate time to give the Custom Jewish Wig to do the depth of care, so that the Custom Jewish Wig can extend the service life.

The benefit of wearing a Custom Jewish Wig

Wearing a Custom Jewish Wig can play the role of modification, change hair was young, but also have vitality

At any time can be perm, hair, hair random change hair, cover the white hair, to avoid hair to the body is hurt

You can save hair salon hair, hair dye hair costs, reduce expenses

You can try different hairstyles, with different clothes,

Custom Jewish Wig collection should also be washed on the stent, to avoid folding, if not often wear, need to spray a little oil。