Full hand tied hair toupee

Full hand tied hair toupee
Product Details

Product introduction:

With the increase of age, some people will encounter the hair loss and hair loss, especially for men. The wig will come in handy. After all, hair growth is not something that can be seen in a day or two. The wig is convenient and changeable. Has its own advantages. Therefore, it is possible to purchase a wig to carry out a variety of styling designs to highlight their handsome. This full hand tied hair toupee is easy to wear, straighten up to cover the entire head, and then comb it by hand.
Product features:
1. This men's wig uses a glossy high-quality human hair, so this material wig has a good gloss and natural feel. This full hand tied hair toupee gives you the styling flexibility and the most realistic hairstyle look. In addition, this wig is made entirely by hand, because the hair on the hair cap is made by experienced workers in our company. The mesh cap used in this product is made of high quality lace, which allows the hair to grow naturally and even in close contact.
2.In order to obtain an extremely natural appearance, the full hand tied hair toupee on the lace cap is carefully woven on the soft mesh hat by hand. This wig is made without mechanical stitching or weft. This hand-woven wig is a good example of the overall natural hair growth. The individual hair knotted to the mesh cap looks like a hair follicle growing from the scalp. This wig has great mobility so it can be separated and designed in any direction you want. In addition, since human hair can be designed using a heating tool, hand-knotted hair wigs provide the same infinite versatility as natural hair.


Hair material

100% high quality Indian virgin/remy hair,Chinese virgin/remy hair, Brazilian virgin/remy hair, Malaysian virgin/remy hair,Peruvian virgin/remy hair,etc

Hair color

Black: 1# 1B# 2# 4#

Dark brown: 6# 8# 10# 12# 14# 30# 33# 530# 99J#

Light color: 16# 18# 20# 22# 27# 27S# 144# 613#

Yellow green pink red violet orange bulk,highlight and T color, mixed color

Hair length

8"-40"different sizes,or you like.(from hair root to hair top)

Hair density

80% to 180%(our normally density is 130%)


all hand-tied made, all machine-made, half hand tied and half machine made wig

Hair style

natural straight, silky straight, body wave, deep wave, curl; jerry, yaki, kinky, afro,

romantice,spanish curl, any style can be made

Cap size


Small (21.5-22)
Medium (22-22.5)
Large (23-23.5)

Front to nape


Ear to ear across forehead


Ear to ear over top head


Temple to temple round back


Nape of neck


Cap style

Cap consruction: full lace with stretch ear to ear;full lace with stretch in the middle;

Lace front,silk cap,thin skin around perimeter etc, as our design or arrange as the custom demand picture style

Lace material

Swiss lace/French lace (100% human hair custom full lace wig .)

Lace color

Dark brown, medium brown, light brown, transparent color, any color you like


Bleached knots, double knots, just according to your request

Baby hair

Along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline

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